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July 6th imaginative-play

July 13th singing-and-sound-play

July 20th reading-pictures


WEEK ONE- Rainbow Fish week-1-rainbow-fish

WEEK TWO- Essential and Community Workers week-2-essential-and-community-workers

WEEK THREE- Things That Move  week-3-things-that-move

WEEK FOUR- Going Green week-4-going-green

WEEK FIVE- Who Is In My Family week-5-who-is-in-my-family

WEEK SIX- We Take Care Of Each Other week-6-we-take-care-of-each-other

WEEK SEVEN- All Kinds Of Families week-7-all-kinds-of-families

WEEK EIGHT- All Kinds of Animals week-8-all-kinds-of-animals

WEEK NINE- Animal Homes week-9-animal-homes

WEEK TEN- Creepy, Crawly Insects week-10-creepy-crawly-insects

WEEK ELEVEN- Animals Change week-11-animals-change

WEEK TWELVE- Using My Imagination week-12-using-my-imagination

WEEK THIRTEEN- Tools We use week-13-tools-we-use

WEEK FOURTEEN- Things We Build  week-14-things-we-build

WEEK FIFTEEN- My Senses week-15-my-senses

WEEK SIXTEEN-Taking Care Of Myself week-16-taking-care-of-myself

WEEK SEVENTEEN- Being Safe week-17-being-safe

WEEK EIGHTEEN- My School week-18-my-school

WEEK NINETEEN-Making Friends

👉 week-19-making-friends

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